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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Timberwolves update

The Timberwolves, have yet to sign anybody on the free-agent market. They have made overtures to restricted free-agents; Greg Stiemsma, and Nic Batum. The Wolves had also had visits with unrestricted free-agents; Brandon Roy, and Jordan Hill.

Portland, has said it will match any offer that Nic Batum recieves. But they have offered, Roy Hibbert a max contract, which could make it impossible for them to match a front loaded contract for, Batum. The Wolves number one priority this off-season should be to sign Batum at all costs. Especially, now that the Wild have upped the ante, by spending a bunch of money this off-season. The Wolves sparked some local interest last season. But if they fail to do anything this off-season, they are in danger of losing that momentum. And more importantly, they will see a decrease in ticket sales, which owner Glen Taylor does not want.

Stiemsma does nothing for me. He would back up Nik Pekovic at center. More importantly, he would be the ninth white guy on the Wolves roster. You can't make that up. The Boston Celtics can match any offer he receives from the Timberwolves. But, why would they?

Brandon Roy appears to be leaning towards the Dallas Mavericks. Roy, who is coming back from retirement, would be a good fit for the Wolves. But, who knows how long his knees would hold up during the rigorous NBA season.

Jordan Hill would be a quality back up big man. Nothing more. He can rebound and is an ok defender. Signing him, will not make the splash, that the Wolves need to make. 

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