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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brandon Roy to the Wolves Take( Update Nic Batum does too)

According to a report, Brandon Roy just agreed to terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Roy, was originally drafted by the Wolves in 2006. He was then immediately traded for Randy Foye and some cash on draft night. (Typical Wolves move. Always trying to save some cash.)
Update: The Wolves have also signed Portland Trailblazers forward, Nicolas Batum to a free-agent offer sheet. The Blazers can match the contract. But Batum's agent has stated that the Wolves are his clients preferred team.

This is the first fall-out from the Minnesota Wild's spending spree on the fourth of July. The pressure is now on all the local pro teams, to spend money to win. The Wild have raised the bar. And it is up to the Timberwolves, Twins, and Vikings to match it.

The signing of Roy, (who retired before last season began, because of bad knees.) is a good first step for the Wolves. If healthy, Roy, is exactly what the Wolves need. As he can fill up the stat sheet, and hit open jumpers. The key question is- can he stay healthy throughout a full NBA season? If the answer is yes, the Wolves should be an improved team; If the answer is no, it will be another poor move from Wolves General Manager David Kahn. For Brandon Roy's sake, and the Timberwolves' sake, I hope he can stay healthy and prove to be an effective performer for the squad.

Update: Batum, if the Blazers don't match his offer sheet, would round out the Wolves starting five. He is a young player who can shoot the rock and defend. Which, is exactly what the Wolves need. If the Wolves get him, they become a legit threat to make the playoffs next year, and make some noise in said playoffs. With all of these free-agent signings lately, I feel like a New Yorker.

The Wolves current starting five looks like so:
Center- Nik Pekovic
Power Forward- Kevin love
Small Forward- Nic Batum* Wes Johnson/Chase Budinger
Shooting Guard-Brandon Roy/Luke Ridinour
Point Guard- Ricky Rubio
Sixth Man- JJ Barea

That line-up should be good enough to make the playoffs this upcoming season. Thus, ending a playoff drought that stretches to 2004.

That line-up would look even better, if the Wolves can add Nicolas Batum, of Portland, this off-season. He would be the starting small forward on this squad. And he would make the Wolves a legitimate threat to win 50+ games and possibly a top four seed in the Western Conference Playoffs. Sign him to an offer sheet Kahn.

Update: With Batum signed to an offer-sheet, the Wolves are stepping up to the plate. On Deck, Jim Pohlad, and Terry Ryan.

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