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Thursday, July 26, 2012

quick takes on PSUscandal/ NFL off-season trouble

Penn State Scandal:

Penn State definitely deserved to get punished as harshly as they did. You can't have your football coach, athletic director, and university president cover up this big of a crime. And expect nothing to happen to you, in regards, to sanctions, penalties, etc.

This was a heinous crime that was covered up multiple times by multiple people. The worst day in Penn State's history was not the day they received their punishment; It was the day, Joe Paterno, decided to look the other way when being informed of the type of child abuse his defensive coordinator was committing. Joe Paterno deserves to have his wins taken away. And he deserves to rot in hell, along with his good friend Jerry Sandusky. Also, Paterno's family should stop with the press releases defending him. Those only serve to make him look worse in a lot of peoples eyes. Mine included.

NFL Off-season Problems

Just in the last week: Dez Bryant was arrested for striking his mom, Marshawn Lynch was charged with a DWI, and Aaron Berry was arrested for pulling a gun on three people in Pennsylvania. Of course, this is not good news for the league. But when you have 70 plus guys on a team and 32 teams in the league, there are going to be some guys who get in trouble. It's just basic math.

The NFL crime rate is actually lower than the general populations crime rate. But you would never hear that stat on ESPN, because it doesn't make for a good story. In the dog days of summer ESPN will cover the juicy scandals and gossip of the NFL, because that is what they think the public wants to hear. Especially, when there is not a lot going on in the sports world. ESPN could do a much better job promoting the good works done by NFL players. Such as, Larry Fitzgerald, building a boys and girls club, and donating hearing aids to children in Africa. But Fitzgerald's acts of kindness do not drive ratings in ESPN's mind. So, instead, we are inundated, with all the bad things committed by a very small sample size of the NFL.

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