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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NFL 2012 Preview-Part 4- Top 12 Fantasy QB's This Season

Top 12 Fantasy QB's this season-

12. Matt Schaub-  Schaub, has the privilege of being able to throw the ball to WR Andre Johnson. When these guys are both healthy, they make for a lethal combo. Without Johnson, Schaub is an average NFL QB

11. Peyton Manning- No doubt, Peyton would be higher on this list, if he were completely healthy. There is no doubting his talent. And he will have good wideouts to throw to in Denver. But is his neck 100%?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

NFL Preview Part 3- Power Rankings/The Playoff Teams

For Part 2 click here Power rankings part 2
For Part 1 click here Power rankings part 1

Here is the third and final part of my NFL preseason power rankings. These are the teams that will make this seasons playoffs. Book it.

#12 Carolina Panthers-  Cam Newton is poised to become a top 5 NFL QB this season. He has all of the qualities you would want in a modern NFL QB; Speed, power, arm-strength, smarts. He is is the total package. The Panthers also have a solid offensive line, and a good group of skill position players. This young team will make the playoffs this season. Especially, if they can get their defense to improve a little bit.

NFL Preview Part 2- Power rankings

For part 1click this link Part 1- teams 32-22

Middle of the pack teams:

#21 Arizona Cardinals- Poor Larry Fitzgerald. One of the best Wide-receivers in the NFL, is straddled with two incompetent QBs.(Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.) Neither of these two players should be starting in the NFL. The Cardinals have talent. And they play in a crappy division. But they have no chance of making the playoffs, with these two manning the QB position.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

NFL Preview Part 1- Power Rankings

With training camps beginning this week, what better time to begin previewing the 2012 NFL season. In part one, we will discuss the teams at the bottom of the NFL rung according to me. Here is part one of my NFL power rankings.

quick takes on PSUscandal/ NFL off-season trouble

Penn State Scandal:

Penn State definitely deserved to get punished as harshly as they did. You can't have your football coach, athletic director, and university president cover up this big of a crime. And expect nothing to happen to you, in regards, to sanctions, penalties, etc.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

random thoughts

 Twins Thoughts:
The Minnesota Twins continue to lose baseball games at an alarming rate. This week it's the bullpen that can not get the job done....This team needs to trade away Liriano, Willingham, Span, Morneau, and anybody else on the team that will fetch prospects....The Twins are a good 3-4 years away from competing again.......Now is the time to bottom out and acquire prospects, who will hopefully blossom into integral parts of the next competitive Twins era............Bottoming out, will also allow young players, such as: Aaron Hicks, Joe Benson, and Chris Parmelee to play in the big leagues.....There is no better time than now to see if these guys can contribute at the major league level........What do the Twins have to lose? Besides more baseball games.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Blogger Trav's British Open Preview

Clearly Tiger Woods will be the favorite at Royal Litham. At 6 to 1 I like his price. He’s the hottest player in the world and he wants his 15th major more than ever. Forget about his MC at Greensboro, Tiger will have his game dialed in and I doubt there will be anyone in his way when it comes to holding the Claret Jug.

Best Bang for your Buck Bet= I will take Ian Poulter at 40 to 1. Poulter always plays well in Majors , he has made both cuts this year, including a T-7 at Augusta. He has been playing well overseas lately and he will not back down from the pressure of winning his first major.

I’m gonna make a $5 bet= Sang Moon Bae at 150 to 1. This PGA Tour Rookie started out the season hot but has cooled off lately. However if the 26 year old wins a major in the next year he does not have to fill his military obligation to his native South Korea. If that does motivate you to put it together for 4 days, I don’t know what will.

BT’s Top 5 (in order)
1. Tiger = 6 to 1
2. Dustin Johnson = 33 to 1
3. Justin Rose = 25 to 1
4. Sergio Garcia = 25 to 1
5. Lee Westwood= 12 to 1

Hard to leave off the World’s #1 and #2, Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy, but McIlroy hits to ball too high to win a British and has not played well of late—I think you could blame it on his love life, but who knows. And British Opens seem to be a Bomber’s Paradise and that is just not Luke Donald’s game.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twins Grades: Starting Pitchers

There is only one word that describes the Twins pitching staff at the All Star break: Brutal. Out of 30 Major League teams, The Twins are; 29th in ERA(4.86), 28th in quality starts(30), 28th in whip(1.41), and 29th in Batting Average Against(.281). (whip= walks/hits per innings pitched.) This is a team that plays half of its games in a "Pitchers Park." (Target Field) Imagine what the stats would be, if they played in a hitters park.
Scott Diamond: A
-I shudder to think where this team would be without Diamond. He has been the only consistent pitcher in the Twins rotation. He boasts; a 7-3 record; 9 of the team's 30 quality starts; and a 2.62 ERA. He has accomplished those statitistics in just 12 starts. Diamond, leads the team in wins, quality starts, era and whip. His 2.62 ERA is fifth best in the American League. He is having an incredible season. And would be a legitimate rookie of the year candidate, if Mike Trout wasn't having an MVP year, as a rookie, for the Angels.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twins Grades at Mid-Season- Position Players.

In this post, I will be giving letter grades to the Minnesota Twins' positional players. As we enter the second half of the season, the Twins have a 36-49 record. They are currently in the basement of the American League Central Division. Minnesota trails the Division leading Chicago White Sox, by 11 games. The Twins are 9 games behind the Baltimore Orioles for the second AL Wild Card spot.

A horrible start to the season for the Twins has knocked them out of any serious playoff contention. Minnesota should use the second half of the season to see who can contribute to the franchise's future. Meanwhile, they should trade away some of the veterans who will not be around by the time this team is in serious playoff contention. In other words, this team needs to be completely rebuilt. On to the grades

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ramblings, From an Elated Minnesota Sports Fan

Holy shit. In less than 48 hours, the Wild signed the two best NHL free agents available; Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, and the Timberwolves signed Brandon Roy and Nic Batum...............Now, I know, what it must feel like to live in NYC........This guy is in shock.........

Brandon Roy to the Wolves Take( Update Nic Batum does too)

According to a report, Brandon Roy just agreed to terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Roy, was originally drafted by the Wolves in 2006. He was then immediately traded for Randy Foye and some cash on draft night. (Typical Wolves move. Always trying to save some cash.)

Timberwolves update

The Timberwolves, have yet to sign anybody on the free-agent market. They have made overtures to restricted free-agents; Greg Stiemsma, and Nic Batum. The Wolves had also had visits with unrestricted free-agents; Brandon Roy, and Jordan Hill.

Minnesota Wild 2012-13 Updated Depth chart

This is an updated Minnesota Wild depth chart for the 2012-2013 season. I Still can not believe the Wild have Zach Parise, and Ryan Suter. Those two players alone, give the Wild so much more depth than they had all of last season.  Add on the Torrey Mitchell, and Zenon Konopka signings, and this team has more talent and depth then they have ever had.

Wild signs Parise, Suter


What a coup. Signing Zach Parise, and Ryan Suter instantly transforms the Minnesota Wild into one of the NHL's highest profile teams. And makes the Franchise relevant.  Having those two players aboard; guarantees a Winter Classic will be held in Minnesota in the next two years, it guarantees the Wild will be a featured team on NBC; and most importantly it guarantees the Wild will be successful, relevant, and important for at least the next decade. Even if you do not like hockey, you have to be impressed by what this team did yesterday. Never before, has a Minnesota sports team pulled off anything like this.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

quick takes on the T-Wolves and the Wild

Nic Batum is coming to town...................... It is about time the Wolves listened to me................. If the Timberwolves can sign him, he would be the perfect addition to this team..................Get it done Kahn..............Does a Frenchman count as a white guy in David Kahn's mind???? I hope so because the Wolves need him........Greg Stiemsma is also in town to be wooed by the grand master Kahn............Great, another big white guy stiff.........just what the Wolves need if they amnesty Darko.........I guess he would balance out the Frenchman, if he signed