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Saturday, July 28, 2012

NFL Preview Part 2- Power rankings

For part 1click this link Part 1- teams 32-22

Middle of the pack teams:

#21 Arizona Cardinals- Poor Larry Fitzgerald. One of the best Wide-receivers in the NFL, is straddled with two incompetent QBs.(Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.) Neither of these two players should be starting in the NFL. The Cardinals have talent. And they play in a crappy division. But they have no chance of making the playoffs, with these two manning the QB position.

#20 NY Jets- One of my least favorite teams in the NFL. I can not stand their coach Rex Ryan, or their two shitty, overhyped QBs- Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. This is an aging team on defense. And they have a sub-par offense. This Jets team will not be a factor this season. Unless, you count the crazy evangelicals who may burn down NYC if ,Tebow, is not the starting QB by week 3.

#19 Chicago Bears- Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler are back together. Big deal. The two former Broncos never won anything in Denver. And I don't see them winning in Chi-town either. Jay Cutler has been sacked way too many times since arriving in Chicago, because the Bears have a horrendous offensive line. Which, they again neglected to fix this off-season. Also, the Bears defense isn't getting any younger either. Look for Cutler and Urlacher to get hurt at some point this season. Again.

#18- Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons are a team that just never seems to improve. Matt Ryan, has yet to blossom into the star QB that we all thought he was going to be. And the Falcons, have been bounced in their first playoff game the past two seasons. This is a team, that I feel, is primed for a let down this season. It might be time for a new coach in Atlanta.

#17 Denver Broncos- If Peyton Manning can stay healthy for the full year, this team will make the playoffs in the weaker AFC. I, just am not sure that he will hold up over the course of the season. Also, I don't get all the hype the Denver defense is getting. They were a below average defensive unit last season. But, last season and this pre-season, they have been hyped as having a great defense? I'm not buying it. I'm also not buying Adam Weber. (The former Gopher QB.) He may very well be the backup QB in Denver this season. Which, means there is a decent chance he sees a fair amount of playing time. If you ever watched him play at the U, you know this is not good a good scenario for the Broncos.  Although, it is a great scenario for those of us who like to dabble in sports betting.

#16 Detroit Lions- This team made the playoffs last season for the first time in 12 years. There will not be a repeat performance this season. Too many distractions off the field, will cause this team to fall out of the playoffs. The Lions have had seven arrests since the end of the last season. Including, two players getting jailed twice. Aaron Berry, one of their top corners and pass defenders was cut from the team, just this week. Combine that news, with the fact that the Lions already had a leaky pass defense, which they failed to upgrade this off-season, and you have a poor recipe for success. They will be a fun team to watch though, with Stafford passing to Megatron.

#15 Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals were a surprise team last season. Making the playoffs, when most experts thought they would be the worst team in the AFC. This team is very young still. And the Bengals have a habit of following up a good season with a bad one. I don't think this team will be terrible. But I have a hard time, seeing how the AFC North will get three playoff teams again. The Bengals are not quite ready to overthrow the Steelers or the Ravens in their division.

#14 Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo is a good QB. He just can't catch a break when it comes to winning when it counts. It's not his fault the Cowboys defense is middling, and their special teams stink. The 'Boys, as usual, have a good team on paper. But they play in the NFC East, an extremely tough division. Which, leads me to believe, Dallas will once again be watching the playoffs from the outside looking in.

#13 Buffalo Bills- I wanted to pick the Bills to make the playoffs. I really did. They had a great off-season with the signing of free-agent defensive end, Mario Williams. But the Bills still have Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB, who has yet to play well for more than half a season. They are also the trendy pick to be the sleeper team that makes the playoffs this season. Which, is never a good thing.

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