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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trading Derrick WIlliams for Pau Gasol

Trading Derrick WIlliams, for Pau Gasol would be the dumbest move yet, by  David Kahn. Seriously, it would be dumber than; drafting 4 point guards in his first draft; drafting Wes Johnson over Demarcus Cousins; drafting Johnny Flynn over Steph Curry; signing Darko to a 3 year contract; and not giving Kevin Love a maximum contract for the maximum term. All of those moves were terrible. But trading your highest ever draft pick (after just 66 games played) for a 32 year old power forward, who has clearly lost a step, would trump them all.

You have to give Derrick Williams a chance to play at least one more season, before you make a move with him involved. Unless, someone knocks you over with an offer. This kid needs playing time (Which was not given to him consistently last year) and a training camp before you decide to dump him for an old white guy. Williams, showed flashes of being a really good player in his limited role last season. Give him a chance to slim down, and let's see if he can be our starting small forward. We continue to give Wes Johnson chances to prove himself. And he has done nothing to warrant those second and third chances. But we are going to give up on Derrick Williams after just 66 games? This is why this team has not made the playoffs since 2004.

Gasol, looked like he lost not just one, but about two and a half steps last year. Even if he returns to form, he is owed $39 million dollars the next two seasons. On top of that; he is another power forward. We already have the best PF in the game; Kevin Love. Why would the Wolves add another one? Gasol, can't play center. He is too skinny, and he is not a good  defender. The only reason why you would trade for him, with his huge salary, is to field an even whiter team.

If we trade Derrick Williams, I hope it's for a legit NBA shooting guard. One who is young and can grow with this core of Rubio and Love. Sadly, there are not too many of those guys available. This is why you keep Williams. And hope that he blossoms into an NBA star. It's not hard David Kahn. Just pretend he is white and let him be.

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