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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Heat/Celtics game 6 pick plus questioning the Heat

Heat(-2) at Celtics OVER/UNDER 181

Miami is down three games to two against the Celtics in their Eastern Conference Finals series. The Heat have lost the last three games, after winning the first two games of the series. This has been an unpredictable fall from grace for the Heat. Nobody expected Boston to be this competitive, let alone, up three games to two in this series. Boston barely beat an average Sixers team in round two, yet The Celtics are now one win away from another NBA Finals appearance. Miami has completely collapsed under the pressure Boston has surprisingly given them in this series. The Heat look frazzled and uninterested, while the older Celtics look rejuvenated and fresh.

The main difference between these two teams is chemistry. Boston looks to be playing for each other. The Heat look to be playing for themselves. There is no flow to the Heat offense, while the Celtics are moving the ball amongst themselves and getting good shots from everyone on the court. This is not an indictment on Lebron, but an indictment on the lack of depth and poor coaching for the Heat. Who exactly is going to make shots for the Miami besides Wade and Lebron? Mike Miller's carcass? Shane Battier's just a warm body at this point. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra is getting schooled by Celtics coach Doc Rivers. Rivers has had a plan for everything that has happened in this series. Spoelstra refuses to use Lebron(Miami's best defender) to guard Rajon Rondo. Rondo is the key to this Celtics squad, and Miami is playing five feet off him, which allows him to pass and get the ball to the open guy much easier. Kevin Garnett is killing Miami all over the court, because the Heat have no one that can guard him. Garnett, in his sixteenth season, wants to win more than anybody else on the court.

If the Heat lose this game, there will be changes in Miami before the next season. The coach will definitely be gone and one of the big three will possibly be traded. This is also the final chance fairly or not, for Lebron to prove himself in the playoffs and redeem himself. Another year without a title, means another year of questions about his character and his desire. Each year this team does not end the season as a champion, the bigger joke Lebron and his buddies become.

The Pick: Boston 94 Miami 90 OVER
Somehow Miami is favored on the road, despite losing the past three games of this series. How can that be? The Celtics should win this game unless Miami is able to get 70 points combined from Wade, and Lebron. The Celtics seem to want this more than Miami, which is extremely sad. Boston has proven themselves, yet they are still hungry. Miami has proven nothing, and they don't seem to want to prove anything, except that they have been overrated for the past two years. It appears this will be the last game, for the ESPN created dream team. ESPN has to be pissed with all the hype they've given the Heat including a daily blog following them around, and nothing to show for it. Unless you count crying, pouting, and missed jumpers/shots in close games a good thing.


  1. The Heat win in a ROUTE!!

  2. we will see. Who you keeping in our league??

  3. Stafford--- Did you get my text the other night about the Twins draft pick?? That's my new number....