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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest blogger (BT) Trav

NBA Finals Guarantees:
1. Heat in 5
2. Lebron shuts down Durant
3. Under 195 game 1
4. Lebron MVP-- gimme

Boom! NBA Analyst....
PSPS. Dustin Johnson wins the US Open by 2....
(BT) Trav

Shags' take: The commentary above was written before the Finals started last night by my buddy Trav. As usual, it is not easy when making predictions. I feel confident my predictions; the Thunder in seven games and Kevin Durant as Finals MVP will hold up.  My prediction of the over hitting last night was correct, but Miami failed to cover the 5.5 point spread, which I thought they would.
originally posted on June 15.
Well, we all had fun at Trav's expense after game 1. But it turns out he was right. The Heat did win in 5, and I assume Lebron will win the MVP of the Finals.(The refs in games 3 and 4 should be nominated as well.) Congrats on the picks Trav.

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