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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Throwing Darts at a Draft Board/The Vikings Draft Recap

Two Words to describe the Vikings Draft: Fucking Terrible. Needless to say, the Vikes get a big fat F from me. How can you spin this draft any other way? A FB/TE who was not even supposed to be drafted. We take him in the fourth round. The best part is he broke down and cried when he got the call from the Vikes. He was already making plans to move on from football, because he knew he was not going to be drafted. Slick Rick Spielman had other ideas for the kid, drafting him in the fourth round. Why??? Why??? I swear to Tebow the promotion of Spielman to GM was part of a master plan, by Zygi, to make sure the team was so bad that no one would care if they left. Just garbage.

Taking a Kicker in the fifth round??? Seriously, a Kicker in the fifth round??? The guy missed 14 field goals last year in College. I repeat he missed 14 field goals in College last year. The best part is we still have our Kicker Ryan Longwell, under contract for one more year. Is this guy really going to take up a roster spot next year? How does drafting a Kicker improve this team? Don't tell me he is going to be our Kickoff specialist and learn from Longwell. You can find any number of soccer/rugby players that can do that, without wasting a draft pick.

Drafting two Wide Receivers from Arkansas and another Defensive Back from Notre Dame is just the icing on the cake. It is truly like the Vikes, only had the money to go to three pro days. We drafted two guys from Notre Dame, two guys from Arkansas, and two guys from USC, Ridiculous.

Someone tell Spielman that it is not 1923, because he seems to think so. Why else would he continue to scoop up players from Notre Dame. FYI Slick Rick, Knute Rockne is dead, and so is the Notre Dame football program. In the seventh round, I was half expecting us to draft the "Four Horseman" from Notre Dame.

I am beginning to think I was Jack the Ripper in a past life or something. How else can you explain the cruel punishment of being a die hard Minnesota sports fan?

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