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Saturday, April 28, 2012

NBA Playoff Preview/Season Review Part 1

The NBA playoffs being this weekend. With no clear-cut favorite, this promises to be an exciting and intense couple of months for the NBA. Because of the lockout, there is a condensed time frame to conclude this seasons playoffs. This is great for us fans, because we no longer have to wait the usual three or four days between games, of marquee series. This could also be a factor in the outcome of a series or two. Younger teams have a decided advantage, because they should theoretically heal up faster and be fresher as the Playoffs advance to the latter stages. With that said, lets get on to the preview.

Playoff Power Rankings-
(This is how I rank the teams going into the Playoffs. This does not necessarily reflect  who I think will win the Title, or even a particular series. Some teams match-up better against other teams, and match-ups are always a key factor in determining who makes the Finals. (See last years Spurs-Grizzlies round 1 series.)

1.Oklahoma City Thunder-Revenge is on their minds, as they draw the defending Champs who ousted them from the Playoffs last year. Is this the year their dynasty begins?
2.San Antonio Spurs-Best record in the league. Tough match-up for them with the Jazz in round. Will the big three of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili get another ring and add to their legacies?
3.Memphis Grizzlies-Possibly the deepest team in the league. Look for them to go far. Can they integrate Zach Randolph back into the line-up without any hiccups?
4.Miami Heat-Anything less than a Title means this season is a failure, according to Wade. Lebron, of course does not agree. Can Lebron finally get his team a Championship this year?
5 Chicago Bulls-Can Rose make it the entire playoffs without re-injuring himself? 
6.La Lakers-Kobe wants another Title. Will he allow Bynum and Gasol to help him achieve that goal?
7.Boston Celtics-Best record in the NBA since the All Star Break. Can the Big Three go on another deep Playoff run?
8.Dallas Mavericks-Defending NBA champions. Can they turn it on in the Playoffs, after a sluggish regular season?
9.Indiana Pacers-This is the definition of a true TEAM. Do they have someone who can step up and lead them during crunch time?
10.La Clippers-One great player, one overrated player, and a bunch of role players. Can Chris Paul overcome his coach Vinny Del Negro, and lead his team to an upset or two?
11.Atlanta Hawk-Tough luck in drawing the Celtics in round 1. Can Josh Smith and Joe Johnson lead this team over Boston finally?
12.Denver Nuggets-Overachieved during the Regular Season. Can this team run n gun the Lakers out of the gym?
13.Utah Jazz-Another team that overachieved this year. Can their big men dominate the Spurs front line enough to make it a series?
14.New York Knicks- Such a weird team. Can Carmelo and Stoudemire play enough defense to give the heat a scare?
15.Philadelphia 76ers-Stumbled hard after a fast start to the season. How glad are they to not be playing the  Heat again?
16.Orlando Magic-No Dwight Howard, but they have one of the best coaches in the league still. Can Stan Van Gundy pull off the ultimate eff u to Dwight Howard and upset the Pacers without his bitch-ass?
1st Team
F-Lebron James
F-Kevin Durant
C-Andrew Bynum
G-Chris Paul
G-Tony Parker
2nd Team
F-Dirk Nowitzki
F-Kevin Love
C-Marc Gasol
G-Derrick Rose
G-Kobe Bryant
3rd Team
F-Kevin Garnett
F-Carmelo Anthony
C-Dwight Howard
G-Russell Westbrook
G-D'wayne Wade
Rookie of the Year- Kyrie Irving
Sixth Man of the Year-James Harden
Most Improved Player-Ersan Ilyasova
Defensive Player of the Year-Tyson Chandler
Most Valuable Player-Lebron James

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