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Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick takes

I feel terrible for Derrick Rose....He had an awfully unlucky year......Those that say the compressed schedule is to blame for his ACL tear have a point, but there are other factors as well......The guy is great, but he he eats candy and junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner....that might have something to do with why he was injured for most of the season as well.....Even the guy that designs Lebron's shoe, is a dick.....http://espn.go.com/chicago/nba/story/_/id/7869819/2012-nba-playoffs-nike-designer-mocks-derrick-rose-chicago-bulls-torn-acl........My NHL predictions are off to a rocky start....Is Phoenix really going to the Western Conference Finals??? If possible, I hate the Vikings Draft more today than yesterday.....Garbage...It was a only a foul tip Joe....No need to act like you got shot by a cannon in the eighth inning....Vaginitis will be the cause of his next DL stint...Glad to see the Starting Pitchers for the Twins get their 3rd win of the season....What a joke.....At this pace, Target field in August, will be as empty as the Metrodome in the mid/late 1990's....Congrats to top Wild and top NHLprospects Charlie Coyle and Zach Phillips for making the QMJHL Finals with the ST. Johns Sea Dogs.....Coyle is first in playoff points..... Phillips is third.....both are over 1.5 points a game....Coyle will be on the Wild next year.....Hey Danny Granger you sucked again in crunch time.....Give the ball to David West next time.....Lionel Hollins WTF??? How do blow a 21 point lead with 8 minutes left???? Just a thought; maybe put your best defender, Tony Allen back into the game when the other team starts torching you....You cost me money Lionel, you too Granger and Darren Collison.......Thank You Andrew Bynum...You did exactly what I said you would do in my series preview and you won me money.....I still think the Jazz can give the Spurs a series......Alexander Ovechkin, I'm calling you out.....You're my boy, but you haven't played nearly as well as you can....I hate Chris Krieder, and for that matter all NY sports teams....One good game in NY and your automatically a Superstar...Can't wait til Tebow completes 30% of his passes in a Jets win, just to see ESPN call out the Broncos, for choosing Peyton over him....NFL Network should be ashamed that Tebow is included in it's top 100 players in football list...That same network should be taken off Cable; for rating Tebow as the seventh best Hesiman Trophy winner to play in the NFL of all time..this list was based on performance in the NFL....Apparently being a devout Christian, is worth more than I thought when it comes to football ability...what a joke.....He was rated higher than; Earl Campbell (NFL Hall of Fame RB), Marcus Allen(another NFL Hall of Fame RB),Tim Brown, Doak Walker and Ricky Williams just to name a few....I could go on.....When will this stop???? The guy sucks.....he completed 44% of his passes last year...On a positive note, Josh Willingham can hit the baseball, and Denard Span is fun to watch....

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