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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Late Night Stream Of Consciousness

I hope the Wolves take Austin Rivers with the draft pick acquired from the Jazz...This team desperately needs a shooting guard to space the floor, and finish off  Ricky Rubio's sweet passes....This seasons Wolves squad, had to lead the NBA in missed wide open jump shots...Rivers can shoot, and he would be an immediate upgrade over the horrible tandem of Wes Johnson and Wayne Ellington....That's not saying much, as Johnson played with the confidence of a 40 year old virgin for most of the season....I believe the Wolves are one quality SG and one quality veteran away from making the playoffs next year, and possibly making noise in the playoffs....Remember how good, and fun to watch this team was before the Rubio injury?....They Should be better next year, if they can stay healthy....A big if I know.... They do play in Minnesota, so I'd say I, have a better chance at dating Kate Upton, but it's fun to think of the possibilities.....We have the black hole Big Al Jefferson to thank for the pick, as he was on fire in the 4th quarter against the Suns in a must win game for the Jazz....With the win, the Jazz eliminated the Suns, and earned the 8th seed in the Western Conference..... This gives the Wolves the last draft pick(lottery protected) owed from the Big Al trade....The Twins pitching staff is terrible.....It's making me long for the glory days of Scott Klingenbeck and Frankie Rodriguez.....Glad to see Joe Mauer still can't come up with the clutch hit when the team needs it....Down five runs or up five runs he is great....In close games it's guaranteed to be a pop up, or double play with men on base....Looks like the Twins are the elixir to cure all that ails any struggling MLB team....The Red Sox, came into this series having blown a 9-0 lead to the Yankees in their last game...... giving up 15 straight runs in the process..... Yet they are about to sweep the Twins....The fans/writers clamoring for Frank Liriano to be turned into a closer should be checked into Hazelden......Makes no sense to turn a mental midget like Liriano into a closer......He has no confidence starting....How is he going to protect a one run lead in the ninth inning?....He can't even throw his fastball over the plate....These are definitely qualities you want in a potential closer....I'm no Matt Capps fan, but he is Mariano Rivera compared to Liriano....It's going to be a long summer for the blue hairs who still follow the Twins and baseball in general....I used to love baseball, but three and a half hour nine inning games are a joke, and it is going to be the death of the sport......No one from the twitter generation has the kind of patience to sit through an MLB game at this rate.....not enough action for a generation that can barely socialize face to face anymore, let alone watch a guy adjust himself or his batting armor ten times after every pitch.....Institute a pitch clock, a salary cap, and get rid of the DH or add the DH to the NL....Do this and I will care as much as I used to...50/50 for the Vikes stadium to pass....Better odds than last week....Signing Jerome Simpson can only help......When you can sign a guy who was dumb enough to have 2lbs of pot delivered to his home address via Fed EX, you have to do it....Smart move when pushing for a publicly financed stadium......I like the signing, but the timing is strange to say the least....Hoping the Vikes can trade down in the draft to acquire more draft picks, because this team has more holes than Lindsay Lohan to fill...If I were Rick Spielman(eternally grateful I'm not) I would take Stephen Gilmore or Janoris Jenkins both cornerbacks...Jenkins, would give Jerome Simpson someone to get baked with, and sell pot to...Morris Claiborne, the top ranked CB in the draft, scored worse than Vince Young on his IQ test at the combine....one of the lowest of all-time.... This is a huge red flag for anyone who has watched Vince Young try to play QB in the NFL...Please don't draft him Rick....I can already picture Megatron running free down the field for an 80 yard TD, because the dumb ass blew the coverage...