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Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick take on the Vikings NFL Draft

I give the Vikings a D for the first round. I like the trade with Cleveland, because we were able to pick up three draft picks, and this team needs all the help it can get. I do not like the drafting of Matt Kalil. He is an average run blocker at best, for a team whose offense is based on running the ball. As stated before, Kalil, even if he turns into an a Hall of Famer will have little impact on the Vikings record in the future see: Jake Long, Dolphins LT, and Joe Thomas, Cleveland Browns LT.

The Vikings, may have locked up the LT position for years to come, but they still need three more offensive lineman to protect QB Christian Ponder. Quite frankly the rest of the offensive line is trash.Phil  Loadholt is slow and can't pass block at RT. We have no guards, and our center Jon Sullivan, is small and injury prone.

I think the trading of our second round pick and one of our fourth round picks to the Ravens for the 29th pick was horrible. Yes we need a safety, but reaching for Harrison Smith, who has average speed, and struggles in man to man coverage reeks of desperation. How does a guy who struggles in man to man coverage help fix the second worst pass defense in NFL history? (See Vikings draft preview blog for details.) Why would you not keep your second round pick, to see if he fell to you? Instead we gave up a pick which we need, to move up six spots in the draft. Awful.

PS. SI.com you owe me a residual. In your review of Harrison Smith, you used the same stats I did in my draft preview blog to point out how bad the Vikes pass D was last year. Even using my Lions 0-16 example.

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