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Sunday, May 13, 2012


The Heat are favored by 8.5 points.....Take them.....Indiana was in a bunch of close games against Orlando, who didn't have Dwight Howard....Lebron and Wade will torch them.....Over/under is 188 take the under, because this one will be a rout midway thru the 3rd quarter.....Scott Diamond and someone named P.J. Walters(??) have the two best starts for the Twins so far this season.....That's just funny.....Jose Bautista has 10 HRs in 10 games at Target Field.....So much for the excuse, that it is hard to hit the ball out of Target Field...The opposing team never has trouble....Either our pitching staff sucks or our hitters....Or both.....Trying to name half of this Twins team, is damn near impossible....If you want to watch Mikko Koivu and Mikael Granlund, both play for Team Finland against Team USA tomorrow morning at 7:15 in the World Championships......Ecstatic that the Vikings got their stadium.....It's been a long time coming......The Wilf's need to put a retractable roof on it......football should be played in the elements not inside.....Let's put our shitty cold weather to use....The old Vikes did, and they would kill the the warm weather teams at home.....Plus football in the snow is awesome.....Don't Print that: Art Vandelay is having a benefit at the Oakdale Prom Center this weekend...He played on the 65 Gophers rowing team....Just one race but still worth mention to fill column space.....A liitle birdie told me ex-Twins second baseman Steve Lombardozzi has a son that plays for the Washington Nationals...No shit Charley....I can't believe Charley "shooter" Walters still has a job....Someone should take him out back behind his beloved Prom Center, and put him out of his misery.....Common Man too.....I don't know which guy is worse......Jeremy Fowler, who covers the Vikings for the Pioneer Press ,is the only guy from that paper worth reading...Mike Russo, LEN III, Jerry Zgoda, and the chick that covers the Gophers BBall team are awesome for the Star-Trib....Souhan, Hartman(who I think is dead, Weekend at Bernies?), and Scroggins are awful for the Star-Trib....Boxing is 25 thousand times better than the UFC.....Talk about a dying sport, I think 6 people watched the last UFC fight on Fox.....If you want to watch two guys humping each other in their underwear, give Carl Pavano and Joe Mauer a call...or wait until they're alone in the Twins Locker Room.... .Josh Hamilton has the most HRs of any player in MLB history through 34 games  with 18.....It will take Joe Mauer the rest of his contract (9-10 years) to match that....I'm ready for Deolis Guerra...He is the last guy left from the Johan Santana trade, and apparently after four years is ready to contribute as a set up guy.....that was a great trade.....I'm beginning to buy into Coach Kill.....Why??? I don't know, but he seems like he knows what he is doing......The fact that he is following Tim Brewster certainly helps in that regard......I'm ready for the Jamaal Crawford era of the Timberwolves to begin....

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  1. Great points tonight bud about thw twins overall! Shooter needs to be shot his column is so garbage now!! And I totally agree about crawford