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Monday, May 28, 2012

NBA Conference Final Previews


Eastern Conference Final
#5 Boston Celtics at #2 Miami Heat
Miami is the favorite in this series, as well they should be. Boston is extremely banged up, and will need Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo to play out of there minds, in order to upset the Heat. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are both battling leg injuries for the Celtics. Boston will also be without Avery Bradley, a key cog for them, for the rest of the playoffs. Miami will likely be without Chris Bosh, for the entirety of this series.

Miami is of course led by D'Wayne Wade and Lebron James. Those two account for the majority of the Heat's offense. The Heat have no bench and will need Wade and James to continue their stellar play to beat the Celtics. Miami is well rested and will have the home court advantage in this series.

The Celtics are fielding a team that has four star players, but two of them are playing at about 60%. Boston will need an epic Rajon Rondo series to keep them competitive. The Celtics rely on their defense, but they have no one that can keep up with Lebron or Wade. Boston struggles to score, and that will be more of a problem against the Heat then it was in there previous two series. Unless Ray Allen and Paul Pierce can get HGH shots to cure their respective injuries, this will be a short series.

The Pick: Miami in 5 games. This would be a much more competitive series, if Pierce was healthy, but he can't guard Lebron on one leg. Lebron should dominate this match-up, if he doesn't, he will never win an NBA Title.

Western Conference Final
#2 Oklahoma City Thunder at #1 San Antonio Spurs
The Thunder blew game 1. They had an 11 point lead to start the fourth quarter and they allowed the Spurs to come back and win. This does not bode well for them. The Spurs have won 19 games in a row. They have won there first nine playoff games. The last team to do that was the 2001 LA Lakers, who went on to win there first 11 playoff games en route to the 2001 NBA Title.

OKC is led by Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. In order to come back and win this series, they will need Westbrook and Harden to play much better. The Thunder thrive when they can get out and run in the open court. If they can do this, they will make this a long series and mabe even win it. If the Thunder have to settle for jump shots, the Spurs will win this series. The Thunder have the young legs, but the Spurs have the playoff experience.

The Spurs are led by Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. If these two guys out play Westbrook and Harden, this will be a quick series win for the Spurs. San Antonio gets contributions from every player that steps on the court for them. They also have a great coach in Greg Popovich. He is far and away the best coach in the NBA, and provides his team with a huge advantage. This Spurs team has rolled through the NBA playoffs so far, and they appear to be unstoppable.

The Pick. Spurs in 7 games. The Thunder showed they can play with the Spurs, but the Spurs are too well coached and have too much depth to lose this series. This should be the best series of the NBA Playoffs, as both teams are extremely talented, can score the ball, and play hard. The Spurs experience will be the difference maker in this series.

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