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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

quick takes 5/9/12

Looks like the Vikings will have a new Stadium to play in......Thankfully...I still believe Football will be a dead sport within 30 years....After all these guys killing themselves, what parents will allow there kids to play Football??? This will eventually dwindle the pool of potential NFL players, which will dilute the talent level and entertainment value of the game......These events, combined with all the lawsuits filed by ex NFL players against the NFL, will lead to the end of the NFL...If  someone can invent a helmet that prevents or drastically decreases concussions, they will be rich beyond belief.....I don't believe that is possible, but you never know with modern technology......This hypothetical helmet may be the only way to save Football.....The farther the Devils advance in the NHL Playoffs equals a greater chance Zach Parise signs with the Wild.....If he wins a Stanley Cup, he is more likely to play where he wants to live year round, instead of signing with a team that is a contender(Detroit).......Mikael Granlund is playing great for Finland at the World Championships.....So is Jonas Brodin, for Team Sweden.....Granlund will sign with the Wild two days after the World Championships end....Wild prospects Charlie Coyle, and Zach Phillips are dominating the QMJHL hockey playoffs for the Sea Dogs....They are first and second in points, goals, and assists and the team has lost just one game so far thru two and a half rounds ......The future is bright for the Wild.....Twins Starters are last in the MLB in: ERA, Home-runs allowed, hits allowed, runs allowed.....They have the fewest strikeouts in the MLB, the fewest innings pitched, and the fewest Wins......You could put Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth in there prime on this team, and they would still have a hard time winning with pitching like that......Chris Paul is amazing late in the 4thquarter and OT....I absolutely hate Blake Griffin....I don't know if it is because he is a ginger, or his incessant pouting on the court, or both.........The same goes to Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin....minus the ginger part....Kobe Bryant looked amazing last night....Where is Pau Gasol been though???? I love watching Rangers coach, John Tortorella's press conferences....amazing.....Also Amazing Bill Romanowski, trying to explain that he never met to injure any player while he played in the NFL.....Not only did he sucker punch a teamate during training camp, ending that players career.....He kicked a guy in the head, ripped Tony Gonzalez's helmet off and punched him on the field, spit on JJ Stokes, and broke Kerry Collins jaw in the pre-season with a helmet to helmet hit....Not surprised ESPN had him on to defend the NFL....This is the same Network that thinks more of Skip Bayless on TV is a good thing...The people that watch First Take are either; racists, morons, people who watch NASCAR for the Crashes, tea-party members, ambulance chasers, or all of the above....The LA Kings are going to the Stanley Cup Finals....No way Bettman, lets Phoenix advance any further....He got the team sold finally....His job is done there......Adrian Peterson is a beast.....To come back that quick from a torn ACL and MCL is disgusting....Too bad he plays for a shitty team, that wastes his talents....Josh Hamilton had more HR's in one game (4) then Joe Mauer will all year....Just Watch....

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