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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vikings' Week 12 Reactions

Week 12 outcome: Bears 28- Vikings 10

  • Sadly, the game was not as nearly as close as the final score indicates. The Bears thoroughly dominated the Vikings on Sunday.
  • Christian Ponder is not the long-term answer at QB for the Minnesota Vikings; he still struggles to read NFL defenses; He too often locks onto his primary target; He refuses to go through his receiver progressions; And he can't throw the ball over ten yards with any sort of accuracy. Those are exactly the traits you want in a franchise QB, right?
  • Where was Jared Allen? Other than a dirty hit on Bears' offensive lineman Lance Louis, Allen, was invisible. Going against a depleted and otherwise terrible Bears' offensive line, Allen did nothing. He has to produce more, if the Vikings are going to be a factor in the playoff race.
  • Jerome Simpson, you are terrible. Dropping, three passes, is not exactly the way to get the ball thrown to you more. 
  • Bill Musgrave, meet Adrian Peterson. Peterson, the Vikings' best player, by far, was not involved in the gameplan until the second half. By that point, the game was practically out of reach. With Percy Harvin injured, Peterson is the only player on the Vikings' offense that NFL offenses fear. He should be getting at least 30 meaningful touched per-game. I mean, have you seen the Vikings' WR group? 
  • Even in garbage time, AP runs hard. He is truly a special player. A player that deserves better than this Vikings team. Peterson deserves to be playing in the Super Bowl. Sadly, for him, his QB is Christian Ponder and he is a Viking. So, the odds of that happening are slim, to say the least.
  • Kyle Rudolph continues to impress. When he gets the ball thrown his way, good things tend to happen. 
  • Jarius Wright, the rookie WR, continues to impress as well. He could be a solid slot receiver in the near future.
  • The Vikings need a big, prototypical WR; A receiver that can go and get the ball down the field and in the redzone; A receiver that can make Christian Ponder look OK by snaring a few of his errant throws.
  • Besides QB, WR is Minnesota's weakest position. Both in terms of talent and depth. Besides Percy Harvin and Jarius Wright, the rest of the Minnesota WR's should be playing in the UFL, the CFL, or the arena league, not the NFL.
  • Just a hunch, but I can envision a scenario that involves the Vikings trading for 49ers QB, Alex Smith. Smith, a game-manager at QB, but highly efficient, is going to be available this offseason. And his skill set is exactly what this Vikings' regime seems to want at the QB position.
  • He is, basically, what the Vikings hope Ponder can grow into.
  • If the above scenario happens, I will not be happy. Smith is OK. But he would not be the long-term answer this team needs at QB.

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