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Friday, November 2, 2012

NBA Season Predictions Part 2

 NBA Season Predictions Part 1

6. The New York Knicks will struggle to make the Playoffs.
-I don't know why anyone would pick the Knicks to be good this season. And it has nothing to do with the fact that they let Jeremy Lin walk. They will struggle this season because they are a horrendous defensive team and they employ two of the most overrated players in the league- A'mare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo is a ball-hog, who refuses to pass, and dribbles in a stationery position for 7-10 seconds before he decides to jack-up a contested 20 foot jumper. That style of play is the reason he has won only two Playoff series in his career. A'mare has knees that are so bad they can not be insured, and is the worst defensive player in the league. The Knicks will be lucky to make the Playoffs this year. And if they do, it will be another quick 1st round exit.

7. 2012/2013 NBA Western Conference All Overrated Team
PG- Jeremy Lin- Parlayed a solid two week stretch with the Knicks into a huge contract from the Rockets. Now, he is in Houston, a city that ESPN doesn't care about. So let's see if he continues to be the Tebow of the NBA.
SG- Kobe Bryant-You can be a great player, which Kobe is, and still be overrated. He shoots too many contested jump-shots, doesn't play defense as well as he once did, and hogs the ball way too much to still be considered an elite NBA player. Yes, he will still find a way to get his numbers. But he is not nearly as efficient as he once was.
SF-Rudy Gay- He got paid. Now, he can't make a jump-shot from the perimeter to save his life. Also, he refuses to take the ball to the rim as much as he should/could. The Grizzlies were/are a better team with him not in the line-up.
PF-Blake Griffin- Plays no defense what-so-ever, injury prone, has no low post game, whines all the time, and is a terrible free-throw shooter. But he can dunk. So none of that other stuff matters, right?
C- Anthony Davis- Yes, I think he will be the best rookie from his class. But he has a long way to go before he can be rightfully compared to Tim Duncan, Bill Russell etc.. He has no back-to-the-basket game. And is extremely raw in all facets off his game. So to compare him with two of the best players of all-time, makes no sense to me, yet.

8. 2012 NBA Eastern Conference All Overrated Team
PG-Deron Williams-He has only been slightly above-average ever since he was traded to the Nets from the Jazz. Granted, he has been on two bad New Jersey teams since the trade. But his play has definitely fallen off. At one time, there was a question as to who was the better point guard between Williams and Chris Paul. In hindsight, that question seems ridiculous.
SG- Joe Johnson-He is basically stealing money at this point. He has the worst contract in the league.( 4 years left at $20 mil a year.) All of that money is being paid to a slightly above-average player. A player that plays no defense, and has no discernible skills besides a slightly above-average shooting stroke.
SF-Carmelo Anthony-Covered in the first paragraph. Suffice to say that I'm not impressed with his game, or the way he plays. And from the look of it, neither are his teammates on the Knicks.
PF-A'mare Stoudemire- Covered in the first paragraph. His knees are so bad the Knicks can't get his contract insured. Oh, and he is probably the worst defender in the league.
C- Roy Hibbert- Getting paid max-money now, thanks to a contract extension he signed this summer. Why? He has yet to put together a full season that includes him: staying healthy, while at the same time producing. Yes, hee can block shots. But he doesn't do it a prolific rate. Especially, for a guy well over seven feet tall. He also has a horrible, awkward, and ineffective post game. Which is unacceptable for a man that is 7'2".

9. Eastern Conference Playoff Teams
-1. Miami Heat-Overwhelming favorites to repeat as NBA Champs, in my opinion.
-2. Boston Celtics- The only team in the East that has a chance to hang with the Heat in a potential Playoff Series.
-3 .Indiana Pacers- The Pacers are a solid team. Which is good enough to win the third seed in the horrible Eastern Conference
-4. Atlanta Hawks-  Having a healthy Al Horford for the entire season will be huge for this squad. Plus, they shed Joe Johnson's outrageous contract, and added Louis Williams to replace him, at 1/4 of the cost.
-5. Chicago Bulls- Even without Derrick Rose, this is still a fundamentally sound, well-coached team. That is good enough to tread water in the East until Rose returns from his torn ACL, in February.
-6. Philadelphia 76ers- Philly added Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson,and got rid of Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams. In my opinion, they lost more than they attained. But in the East, they are good enough to finish sixth.
-7. Cleveland Cavaliers- The Cavs' are an intriguing up and coming team. If Kyrie Irving can improve upon last season's rookie of the Year campaign, they could be a surprise Playoff team.
-8. Milwaukee Bucks- If nothing else, Milwaukee will be fun to watch this season. With two ball dominating guards that love to shoot,(Monta Ellis and  Brandon Jennings.)they have the potential to be explosive.

10. Western Conference Playoff Teams
1. San Antonio Spurs- The Spurs may be aging, but they will have the best regular season record in the West. Due, in large part, to the chemistry issues the Thunder and Lakers face. As both of those teams have to integrate new players into their respective rotations to begin the season.
2. OKC Thunder- Even without James Harden, this is still a dangerous and deep team. But, do they have enough depth and firepower left to make another NBA Finals appearance?
3. LA Lakers- They have an excellent starting five and no bench. Which is reminiscent of the Heat from last year. They will need time to figure out how to play together. But come Playoff time, they will be the team to beat in the West.
4. Denver Nuggets-They would be the number two seed in the East. But they play in the West, so their chances of making a deep playoff run are limited. Yet, I feel that if they draw the right opponents in the Playoffs, they could make a run.
5. Utah Jazz- A dominant front-line leads the Jazz. The Jazz play a different style of basketball than most teams. Whereas, most teams are going with smaller, more athletic line-ups, the Jazz are going with tall, powerful bruisers. They will be a tough out come playoff time.
6. Memphis Grizzlies- The Grizz are another dangerous Western Conference team. They are deep, and have the most underrated player in the league, Marc Gasol, to lead them. If Zach Randolph is 100%, they could win a playoff series.
7. LA Clippers- Chris Paul is the only reason this team makes the Playoffs this year. They have a terrible coach and too many players. Which is a recipe for disaster. Also, they play no defense besides Caron Butler, and Paul.
8. Minnesota Timberwolves- The Wolves' could be a tough out in the Playoffs, if they make it. Treading water, while Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio recover from injury will be the key. They can ill afford to fall too far out of the race in a stacked Western Conference

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