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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michel's Ramblings on everything but the Wild

Since my gig at HookedOnHockey has ramped up (http://hookedonhockeymagazine.com/minnesota-wild-victorious-1-0-over-dallas-stars/), I have not had the time to write about anything else besides hockey. With a few moments to spare before I start another live blog on tonight's Minnesota Wild vs Nashville Predators game, I thought it would be prudent to do another ramblings on non-Wild related subjects. Let's get to the ramblings brought to you by Ticket King, with the Alabama Shakes (a great fucking rock n roll band) providing the background music.

This particular Minnesota Gophers hockey team is the most talented team since the 2002-03 edition. Coincidentally, that team was also the last Gophers squad to an NCAA Championship. The 2003 team was led by Thomas Vanek (who currently leads the NHL in points right now).This years team is led by Nick Bjugstad. Bjugstad, a first round pick of the Florida Panthers, plays a lot like Vanek; Physically overpowering, while at the same time possessing tremendous hands and offensive skill.

The only problem with this edition of the Gophers hockey team: playing up or down to the level of competition they are facing that particular evening. This is a team that absolutely dominated Boston College and Notre Dame, the second and third best teams in college hockey. Yet, they have also tied Alaska Anchorage once and were nearly beaten by them a second time.

If the Gophers can find a way to play like they did against B.C every game, they will bring home another NCAA Championship. One that is long overdue for the school. Let's face it, the Gophers should be the Ketucky/Duke of NCAA hockey; winning and competing for championships every year. Ten years is way to long to have not won a title. That's a fact.

 I don't hear many people saying, "the Wolves are better off without Kevin Love" anymore. Now that the squad has completely tanked without him. This team lacks athletes and can not guard anybody; that is the problem with the squad, not Love.

Why do Minnesota sports fans always want to get rid of their best players? The crowd clamoring for Love to be traded is dumber than the fat little chick's mom from the TLC show. So is the crowd clamoring for the Vikings to trade Percy Harvin. Why would you get rid of these guys? Neither guy is at their peak trade value, and it's not exactly like all-stars from either sport are harassing their agents to come play here. Just because a player makes comments about "your team" that you don't like-is not reason enough to get rid of him. It is hard enough to acquire star players in this market, let's not trade them all away because they are outspoken.

The fact is you need good players to win championships. Would it be great if every athlete was as good of a guy as Greg Stiemsma? Yes. But you would be a fool to think you you could win a championship with him as your centerpiece. There is a reason he and his ilk play 5 minutes a game, if at all: they're not good.

Rodney Williams has had four years at the University of Minnesota to develop a jump-shot and/or a post game; and he has had woefully come up short in adding either facet to his game. I'm sick of watching him disappear in Big-Ten Conference games. He should be embarrassed with his play lately.

Hey Tubby, this isn't hockey, so quit platooning your players like it is. Your bench, quite frankly, is horrible this year. The time has come to stop playing them in close games.

Also, the Gophers have to stop turning the ball over so much. You can't beat good teams if you have 10 turnovers a half.

With all that said, I'm still buying the Gophers making a Sweet Sixteen run this season. This team is too experienced and too talented to not make it there. And if they fail to do so, Tubby should be fired. He has won as many NCAA Tournament games as I have in his time with the Gophers-ZERO.

In other news, it's been two months since coach Kill has had a seizure, I think. Congrats. Now keep getting those two star recruits, so we can beat a bunch of creampuffs and get to a bowl game again. How does he have a job still? It's beyond me.

Spending $15million dollars on two back of the rotation starters: Priceless. Any time you have the chance to sign a guy coming off Tommy-John surgery who strikes out 4-batters-per-9 innings  pitched, you have to do it. On top of that, when you can add the sixth starter in the Pirates five man rotation, again, you have to make that move. Twins fans: you're fooling yourself if you think this team is going to win over 70 games this season; they have five number-5 starters, and not one of them has the potential to win over 12 games this season. When your ball-club is disappointed that Nick Blackburn got injured-because he was the potential opening-day starter; your in trouble, and you should be embarrassed for your teams fate in this upcoming season.

How cool is it that two brothers are coaching against each other in the Super Bowl? My parents are happy when my brother and I make it to dinner within 15 minutes of the time it has been scheduled. I can't imagine what their reaction would be to us both coaching in the Super Bowl.

Ray Lewis may have killed two people, but I still respect him...Although, I hope the 49ers win, because I would love to see Randy Moss win a Super Bowl ring. He is the second best receiver of all-time. And it would be fitting, if he ended his career by winning a Super Bowl.

The fact that Cris Carter is not in the Hall Of Fame is a joke. He played with mediocre QBs his whole career and still put up historic numbers. Vote him in this year. Speaking of Hall of Fames, Cooperstown has turned into a joke because of the baseball writers who refuse to vote in Barry Bonds and the like. Yes, they used PEDS, but regardless, those players are definitely Hall of Fame worthy. The Hall of Fame should be about the players of the sport; not the people who are covering the sport. Plus, if we are only voting in non-cheats and good guys we can then remove half of the players in the hall. Including: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, etc. What a joke.

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